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ShadyThemes was initially build with the intention of showing the world our useless kids team’s skills, but thanks to the extreme lack of literary skill among the group, we’re having difficulty writing a good promotional article about the services we are offering.

Our literary skill maybe is as low as things could get, but we’re extremely confident with our skill in web designing departement. So if you have any web designing to do, how about hiring our useless kids team to do the task?

We have useless kids personnel capable enough to create WordPress Templates and HTML5 Templates. Request for other CMS will have to wait for now until we have enough manpower to do so.

Here’s a few services that we’re offering:

Original Templates

Did you have an awesome design, but lack the necessary tools to make turn them into a full-fledged web design? Or maybe you just don’t want to be bothered by the annoying process?

Don’t worry, we have a few wizard apprentices here capable of turning your stunning PSD designs into a fully working Web Template while keeping high degree of similarity.

It’s fine even if your design is not in PSD format, as long as we can visually affirm the design, it’s A-OK!

But please spare us from *ahem*ugly*ahem* scribbles on a scrap of paper. I had to say this part because someone actually did this before… not sure what kind of epic idea was poured into the torn calendar paper back then…

Anyway… here’s an example work for this type of job:

Our Durgash WordPress Theme is originally created using Muhammad Sohaib’s PSD Design. Of course some changes were made here and there as our client wished.

Not-so-original Templates

That ****** website looks cool. Can you make me something like that?

Try us… we most likely could make something similar like the website you’re pointing at… visually at least.

But of course we will also offer suggestions along the way for parts which could be improved.

An example for this kind of job would be our Culture Java WordPress Theme which is based off from DannyChoo’s Culture Japan website.

Anime-Guru is also a project requested by one of our previous client. The original design actually came from Anime-Sensei.

Consultation and Troubleshooting

Coding is easy!

Yeah right… a lot of people actually believed that and started messing around with their website until they realized that they’ve messed up big time and not sure how to fix them.

This is our cue to save the day for those people.

We fix your broken website, help you backing-up your data, migrating your website to another server, adding cool new features to your site, defeating the Saiyan warrior who plans to conquer Earth, etc, etc.

And no… we don’t fix your XBOX.

I guess that’s enough sales talk for now. Just send us a message if you’re interested in using our service!

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About ShadyThemes

ShadyThemes is a shady group for hire.

We build shady websites using shady tools for whatever shady purpose the shady clients has in their shady mind.

As you may have guessed, everything you see around ShadyThemes website is coded by us, so I guess you can see them as our portfolios.

Just send us a message if you need our service.

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