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Show Hidden Tools in WordPress Visual Editor

Well I personally preferred to write things in raw text editor… but I know that I’m one of the minority in this matter and most people wrote their articles using Visual Editor.

Did you, visual editor users, know that WordPress is hiding a lot of tools in the visual editor’s toolbar? Please don’t think badly of the WordPress developers… they’re hiding them because they didn’t want to scare off newbies by displaying a hell lot of tools right of the bat. They may be weirdos who keep saying Code Is Poetry and getting turned on by beautiful codes… but they’re good people on the inside, trust me!

**ahem** anyway…

Today we’ll learn a little snippet to display those hidden tools.

The Code

add_filter('mce_buttons_3', 'shadythemesMCEButtons');
function shadythemesMCEButtons($buttons) {
	$buttons[] = 'copy,cut,paste,subscript,superscript,fontselect,fontsizeselect';
	return $buttons;

The Result

Actually there’s still more of these tools you could choose to display, but the snippet should tell you enough on how to display the hidden tools.

You can see the complete list of available tools in TinyMCE Documentation Page.

Oh, and I almost forgot… you may have realized that our code will display the hidden tools on the 3rd line of the toolbar thanks to the mce_buttons_3 part inside our code. While it’s true that you can change the code to display things on 1st or 2nd line, please avoid doing so unless you’re using it for yourself… don’t let newbie users think that non-default items are actually part of the default stuff they should’ve received. That’s a bad practice.

That’s all for now. I hope you can find this article useful. CIAO!

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