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Remove Website Input Field From WordPress Comment Form

Some people feel that they don’t need those “Website” input field inside the comment form

This time we will learn how to remove those Website input field which by default is provided inside WordPress comment form.

This little snippet was requested by a friend of mine who said he don’t need the Website input field and looking for a method to banish the thing into oblivion. I didn’t get to ask why he would want to do that, but I still would lend him a hand. I’m such a good guy… so why am I not popular? #orz

The code

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'shadythemesWebsiteBanisher');
function shadythemesWebsiteBanisher($fields){
	return $fields;

Put the code somewhere inside your theme’s functions.php or use it as a plugin.

Now you can kiss goodbye to your Website input field in your comment form!

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