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Pojokan Wong (kem)Pinter

Pojokan Wong (kem)Pinter

Aku baru saja memasang Pojokan Wong (kem)Pinter ke dalam blog ini. Anda lihat karakter dengan tampang aneh di...
Review Program: LightShot

Review Program: LightShot

Memperkenalkan LightShot, sebuah aplikasi ringan yang membuat fitur screenshot biasa anda menjadi luar biasa!
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About ShadyThemes

ShadyThemes is a shady group for hire.

We build shady websites using shady tools for whatever shady purpose the shady clients has in their shady mind.

As you may have guessed, everything you see around ShadyThemes website is coded by us, so I guess you can see them as our portfolios.

Just send us a message if you need our service.

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