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Demon Image Annotation Sigma Test

Demon Image Annotation Sigma is a personally-modified version of free WordPress plugin named Demon Image Annotation. The plugins will allow your visitors to write annotations onto images in your posts.

This post is simply here to test the feature.

The next ones will use alternate styling.

Please do tell if you find abnormalities. And no… I don’t care if my stuff misbehave on Internet Explorer!


  1. Leader[www]2017/03/01 11:54


  2. Mecha Fanboy2017/03/01 11:57

    Accelerated Cannon ga kitaaaaa!!!

  3. Leader[www]2017/03/01 11:59

    My personal favorite action shot in the movie

  4. Annoying Fanboy2017/03/01 12:02

    Is the stand transformable?

  5. Anon-kun2017/03/01 12:03

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